About Us



Luvli Sol is dedicated to helping you experience a breakthrough. We believe candles can be used as an addition for a healing purpose.

 We strive to help you understand yourself outside of your beautiful shell and stand in your truth.

  Being a woman that has dealt with anxiety/depression  through prayer and the use of candles as a therapeutic escape I now understand “(stand in your truth).” My love for them could no longer be contained and thus Luvli Sol Candles was formed for me to share with the world.  

Our Candles:

  • Made with a creamy white Coconut/paraffin blend wax
  • Phthalate free fragrances (clean scents)
  • Hand poured in small batches to assure quality 
  • Crackling wooden wicks for the fireplace effect and a modern appeal 
  • Each candle comes with a intentional quote to uplift and provide a sense of positivity. 

 As individuals we all have several layers to our soul which allows us to be who we are. Candles are relaxing, gratifying, and just plain fun. Luvli Sol candles is a company that gives an unforgettable sol'fuli made, healing in wax experience. Each candle comes with a intentional quote to extend the name, topped with enchanting aromas that set the mood any day, any given time. So had a hard day at work? want to getaway? Just relax, close your eyes, enjoy the journey we will take you on and embrace your Luvli Sol no matter what!!!!! 



Luvli Sol